The Outback Way- The Way of the Outback

Board design

What did I do?

I designed the board game’s board! Here’s a picture of the board prototype:

I created this board in Microsoft Word. I’m quite sure I pushed this program to it’s absolute limits to create this haha (at the very least I was pushed to the limits figuring out how to make a game board in Word). I came up with the colour scheme and general theme for the game. I tried to choose a font that was bold but not pristine. I also wanted the font to be a bit catoon-ish to match the games tongue in cheek nature. I chose to have the board’s background colours go from blue to orange to blue to match the geography of the Outback Way journey. All the pictures are stock photos and I acquired them from a quick and easy Google search. I drew the pencil trail that the players follow and put thought and consideration into the shape and colour of every element on the board- from the coloured outlines of all the pictures, to the orientation of text, to the green boarder of the whole board (which reflects the heavy focus of the game on adventuring through the environment and the small bits of greenery that you would see from a journey across the outback).

Are you happy with the board design? What would I do different?


What did I do?

Once I’d designed the board, Brooklyn had designed the characters, Dylan had created the rules/play tested them, and Richard had researched the marketability of the game, we all turned our research/work into a script. I then turned that script into a video. Creating the video involved:

  • Editing the script’s other group members wrote. This involved:
    • Checking grammar
    • Re-wording sentences to sound like how I normally talk
    • Making sure sentences weren’t too long to be read
    • Importing the photos and phrases they wanted into my program (called Prezi Video) that projected them next to my head when filming
  • Setting up the home studio to record. This involved:
    • Setting up my microphone on the boom arm
    • Plugging in my audio interface (the little box that allows my microphone to record into my laptop)
    • Plugging in my speaker so I could hear my microphone
    • Getting the laptop camera at a good height
    • Placing the lights I had into good positions to have my face well lit as well as the wall behind me well lit
  • Here is what my home studio looked like for recording:

Once I had the home studio all set up I had to record myself! To do that I used 6 separate applications on my laptop, one of them (called OBS Studio) I had never used before and I had to learn how to use it to make this video. The programs I used to record are shown in this vid:

Are you happy with the presentation? What would I do different?

And that’s a wrap! I hope my thoughts on what I contributed to The Outback Way was enjoyable to experience. Make sure to check out what my team mates contributed to this project by following the below links to their blogs!

See you next time on Max’s Media!




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